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Don't wait last minute to feel confident in your bikini!

Join the "21 Day Ab challenge"


Pull out your swimsuits now and come spend 21 days in a fun AB challenge and witness your own transformation happen.

Although JB Fitness workouts already include core with full body training.... You can expect EXTRA CORE DEFINING exercises in each session during this challenge!

What's included:

5 different 30-45 min full body workouts with dumbbells and bodyweight exercises per week for 3 weeks. 

2 x 10 min AB workouts per week for 3 weeks.

Unlimited access to the 21 workouts in this challenge for 2 months.

Access to private Facebook Community

How to join:

🎯 Current active monthly members of the hit hard training community are automatically in! #congrats 

🎯New members must go to the sign up page at and join the 21 day AB challenge.

Once signed up you will have access to the AB Challenge video library.

Investment 21 workouts for 2 months for $37

See you on the inside!

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