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Hi, I’m Jamie

I’m here to help you get in wicked shape and #unleashtheathletewithin

I help ambitious, busy, fitness-loving women (and brave men) to become physically strong & fit, whether they can get to a gym or not.

I know the feeling after a fantastic workout. It’s like relief meets pride head on. I worked out for literally hours every day, when I was a high level competitive boxer. But once I had my kids, and started my business, there just weren’t enough hours in the day for me to train that way any longer. I wanted to keep training like an athlete… and reap the results of looking and feeling strong too...

So I had to create a training program that would fit my schedule. Something that could incorporate both strength conditioning and cardio. Something that I could get done in under an hour. And I knew there was no way I was the only woman thinking this way.

There had to be other ambitious women, who had lots going on, that truly valued fitness like I did, that also craved intensive training in shorter chunks of time. There had to be amazing women who wanted support and leadership to achieve their fitness goals.

I put it out there, and the response was shocking! So many women were looking for this, and were so excited when I told them I would be leading a virtual program.


That’s why I created my HIT HARD TRAINING COMMUNITY, which is a mixture of both HIIT (high interval intensity training) and the conditioning training I did for boxing (heads up: this is not a boxing specific class- but there might be one coming!)

I wanted to make sure this program was challenging, never boring, and always fresh.  It is a highly accessible training platform and community that provides massive accountability, is consistent and fun …  and packs a serious punch!

I love working with my clients virtually.  They get to show up LIVE or come back and complete workouts, in my ever growing video library, on their own time. I love the accountability and FUN this community offers… and I only see it getting bigger and more supportive as each powerhouse member steps into the ring with me.  Figuratively speaking of course. ;)


If you are craving community and leadership (so you don’t have to plan or prep your own workouts) and you love support and accountability (so you’ll actually show up and complete them), then I challenge you to join the community.  


⚠️ WARNING: this is NOT for beginners. You will want some kind of foundation before you go full throttle with me.  Most of my clients have that “inner athlete” that they always want to challenge, and I’m gonna guess you do too?  If you truly value fitness & health as one of your top core values, and you love to be challenged… and you hate boring workouts…. (cuz mine are never boring)... then you’re in the right place.

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