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As the wonderful world of 2020 happened, Jamie was forced to shift her biz from her location based GYM to providing ONLINE programs. The demand for ONLINE - AT HOME workouts was huge and Jamie responded to this demand like she does everything in life- like a champ.

Jamie Behl Fitness created the HIT HARD TRAINING COMMUNITY so that she could continue to lead, motivate and inspire ambitious women (and brave men) who have the athlete within, to stay focused and committed to their fitness goals.

JAMIE herself, was a high level competitive boxer for over a decade. She was a 7 time Canadian Champ and a trailblazer on the women’s boxing scene. She competed at the very first women’s WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for boxing, and won Bronze! (That’s 3rd IN THE WORLD! - She’s kind of a badass)

Jamie knows what it takes to go for her goals and fight for what she wants.

She is an independent woman, raising 2 kids, and making great things happen in her life. She attributes her success in anything she does, to her consistent commitment with working out. When she was competing in boxing, she’d train HOURS each day.  Between cardio, skill development, and strength training- she could spend up to 4 hours in the gym - daily.

After hanging up her gloves, having her two awesome children, and starting her own business,  Jamie still wanted to stay in shape like an athlete, but didn’t have the time to commit to training for hours every day. 

She found a solution and combined her training into shorter chunks, to be in/out in less than an hour. Jamie’s fitness programs are perfect for ambitious yet busy people ready to  “unleash the athlete within”... and do it in under an hour. 

When Jamie is not in the gym or leading her community, you can find her cooking in the kitchen with her kids, hiking the trails on the outskirts of Montreal, snuggled up reading a positive empowerment book,  or simply enjoying the silence in her daily meditation. 


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