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21 Day Full Body Transformation Challenge


Jamie Behl Fitness invites you to transform your whole body fast in only 21 days with a full body workout challenge. The workout schedule aims to get you toned, strengthen, lose fat, and feel great great!


Each workout will be approximately 30 min. All you have to do is press play and follow from beginning to end.


Workout Schedule:

Monday- full body with dumbbells

Tuesday- upper body

Wednesday- lower body

Thursday- bodyweight HIT

Friday- full body with dumbbells


Sunday rest


Equipment needed: 2 dumbbells and a mat.


Game Plan:

There will be 5 different 30 min workouts posted each week you can do anytime.


Each workout is full body, functional training… and fun!


You will gain VIP Access to our private community that encourages, motivates and provides high level accountability.


BASICALLY: you show up, you work hard, you get results… you transform!


How to win:

  • Take a picture before you start the challenge.

  • Follow the workouts daily.

  • Post daily on Facebook/Instagram stories or wall tagging Jamie Behl Fitness after you’ve completed the workout.

  • Commenting in the private Facebook community on the daily workout.

  • Take a picture after the 21 days.

  • Get friends and family to join.


There will be 2 winners

#1 - The person with the biggest physical transformation.


#2 - The person that completes all the daily requirements and shows consistency and hard work.



The 2 winners will win:


3 month free membership on

$100 gift card for Zyia Clothing

1 hour coaching call with Mair Millar life/business/personal coach (value of $500).


Ready to join?


If you are already a member you’re already in.


If you are new click here now 


Investment 3 weeks for $33


Start: Thursday Dec 2, 2021

End: Thursday Dec 23, 202


21 Day full body transformation challenge

Transform your entire body fast in only 21 days

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