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6 Quick Hacks to Take Your Workouts Up a Notch

After being an athlete and trainer for years I know that there comes a point in most people’s fitness journey when results seem to plateau.

Simply put, the results seem to come to a gentle hault.You may feel bored with your workouts or unsatisfied with your progress.

Plateaus are a great way to let you know you’ve made progress but you need to make some adjustments if you want them to continue.

Need help to breakthrough the plateau and continue to see gains in your workouts?

Do any of these:

1. Increase the weights. This is one of the easiest ways to keep seeing results. If you’re using 10lbs dumbbells move them up to 12lbs. Don’t go crazy here though. No one needs to get hurt real bad. (In my best Russell Peters voice)

2. Increase the amount of repetitions. Instead of doing 10 reps I sometimes challenge my H.I.T Hard Training Community to complete 12-15 or sometimes even 20 reps. Just be sure you don’t compromise your form for speed.

3. Increase your interval time. Instead of always doing 30 seconds of work try bumping it up to 45-60 seconds. You’d be surprised how small shifts can create big gains and really test your mental strength too.

4. Increase your intensity. Aim to pump out more reps in the same interval timeframe. So if you normally do 15 jump squats in 20 seconds, aim for 20 in 20.

5. Change up the exercises. Try compound movements (working more than one muscle at a time) or simply add a new fun exercise that might make you use muscles you didn’t even realize you had! Nothing like shocking the hidden muscles to break through a plateau.

6. Join a community that challenges you and holds you accountable. Sometimes to bust through to the next level you just need a little support! The energy of a supportive community can seriously change the game. Find a friend to join with you and have even more fun ...and results!

Remember to always go back to your goals and make sure to get help if you can’t figure out why you are plateauing.

You’ve got that inner athlete within...

you and I both know you can do this.


Which of these hacks would you try first

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