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I Finally Created a Solution For My Most Embarrassing Problem.

So I’m going to share something that is a little embarrassing. It’s about stinky armpits. Lol. 🙆‍♀️

Bare with me here.

So I have been suffering from this for as long as I can remember. Probably since I hit puberty.

I used the store bought deodorant at first and it worked ...but then it stopped working. 😔 It’s something I have been so self conscious about for so long.

So I tried everything to “fix it”. I tried the natural deodorants, the not natural ones, baby powder.... I’ve even tried hand sanitizer. (Don’t laugh) 🙆‍♀️

But seriously nothing worked.... trust me, I tried them all.

Eventually, I just accepted that none really worked, but I used them still as I thought something was better than nothing.

What I noticed was the smell of the deodorant didn’t smell right to me. All I could smell was the aluminum. Weird right?

I couldn’t actually smell the perfume just the aluminum.

I think deep down my body knew that this stuff wasn’t good for me but I really felt like I had no choice cause it was that or nothing. I was desperate so I didn’t care.

Until one day, I said “let me just google homemade deodorant”.

I found a recipe that caught my attention .... because I had all the ingredients at home already.

It was super easy actually...

Coconut oil & baking soda!! ((and I added my own twist, some lemon juice.))

Little did I know that the lemon would fizz. 🍋 🤪

I thought I ruined it but once the fizzing stopped I tried it out....

And guess what....

It worked!!

I couldn’t believe it....

It actually worked!!

Who knew that the answer to my problem was right there, in my kitchen, all this time.

This has been a personal challenge for years.

I’ve worked out daily since I was a teenager... So I’ve been sweating for some time now! Plus I get sweaty armpits when I’m stressed.

So if this works on me, this will work on anyone.

I feel like I’m finally free of this problem that I’ve lived with my whole life. 🎉🎉

My friends are so sick of hearing me talk about how my armpits don’t stink anymore. 😂😂. Plus my daughter used it before soccer practice and she loved the results too.

So I would suggest everyone gets rid of their store bought stuff and try this natural, effective solution!

Store bought deodorants are full of chemicals.

I mean, why use those when you have what you need in your kitchen.

I was a little nervous when my kids wanted to start using deodorant because I know how bad they can be... But now they can use as much as they want of this new magical discovery.

The cool part is they actually don’t even need that much.... Just a small amount on your finger and rub it on. That’s it!

Anyway. I don’t know if you can feel my excitement but this is very exciting for me.


Anyone else have something you’re embarrassed about?

Let me know your thoughts.

Jamie “no longer stinky armpits” Behl. 😎🤣😂

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Wow I am for sure going to try this. I have some Lemon juice and big bucket of coconut oil . Everyone has sticky armpits without deodorant lol !

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Haha! cool! Let me know how you like it.

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